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  • Highly customizable policies
  • Enforce your own security and governance guardrails
  • Well-Architected framework


Securing your AWS Cloud environment while you use it.

Daily and On-Demand AWS environment scanning based on the policies and checks that you desire and configure.


This product aims to assist in the process of conducting Well-Architected Reviews for your AWS Cloud Workloads.

Cloud Security.

We can monitor and remediate your AWS Cloud Security flaws as they happen.

Learning Tool.

This product can be used as a learning tool to teach you AWS security best practices while you build and develop.


We aim to give you a quick and easy way to continuously monitor and improve your AWS cloud estate using one dashboard application.

Daily Scans
AWS Best Practices

How Unomia Works?


Head over to our dashboard, sign up to Unomia and verify your email address.

Login & Create

Once you have signed up, login to your account and either create your first Unomia account or ask your friends/colleagues to add you to their Unomia account(s) from the Unomia Accounts tab.

Add AWS account

From the AWS Accounts tab in the application, add your AWS account(s) to the Unomia account and grant us access to that account(s) by launching the Cloudformation template.

Run Well-Architected

Once we have access to your account, you can immediately run a scan to see how your account looks in terms of the Well-Architected Review process from the Well Architected Framework tab.

Configure Policies

Once we have access to your account, configure the desired policies to run within your account(s) from the Unomia Policies tab. Upon completion, the configured policies can be edited/removed from the Configured Policies tab.

Run Unomia

Once you have configured the desired policies to run daily within your account(s), you can also run Unomia at will from the AWS Accounts tab to check your account based on the configured policies that you setup in the previous step.

Loaded With Features You Would Absolutely Love.


Our solution allows for near real-time feedback from scans.

Always Secure

Daily scans to ensure you always know what is happening in your environment at a glance.


We have written policies that are approved and tested by our AWS professionals to allow you the ease of selecting the policies you want.

Our Users Love Unomia!

Author image

Central Management of Security finding in multi Account Environment. It was easy to setup and track Security Governance on all your accounts. A nice tool for reporting and visualization on infringements on your resource configurations accross all the accounts in your Organization. Makes it fun with gamification of security remediation tasks with the index.

Gert Van Rooyen @gert
Author image

As the Gov Chat dev team we were very satisfied. So how it helps is it really nicely sums up where to look at to improve and enchance the security of the application.

Drikus Van Der Walt @drikkie
Author image

Using it nicely for remediation. Quick way to see issues in accounts you don't understand.

Naseem Ahmed @chacha

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  • 1000 Scans
  • AWS Security WAF Pillar
  • Managed policies
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